Proceeding of the  Video Conferencing with C.Es, C.C.Es, S.Es, E.Es, D.E.Es, A.E.Es, A.Es, & J.Es on 35% irrigation coverage in deficit blocks and progress of work of  Major, Medium, Flood Control & Drainage, Minor & Lift Irrigation Sectors, CAD, WALMI, Ground Water of DoWR ending of January, 2017  View 
MIS & Computerization (20-4701-80-800-0871) (EIC WR memo.3606 dtd.02-02-2017)  View 
Promotion to the rank of EIC-cum-Spl. Secretary  (Dowr Notification No.2099 Dt.31.01.17)  View 
Transfer & posting of Engineer-in-Chief (WR) (Dowr Notification No.31201 Dt.31.12.16)   View 
Cabinet Decisions - December 2016  View