R & R Policy, 2006 :: Govt. of Orissa

To keep pace with the times, to eradicate poverty and underdevelopment, Orissa needs rapid growth through industrialization. This process may at times lead to some displacement on account of land acquisition in the project areas. Giving topmost importance to the genuine interest of the affected people, the Govt. of Orissa has announced Orissa Resettlement & Rehabilitation Policy, 2006.
All development projects involving land acquisition and displacement will be as per the guidelines of the policy.

The basic objectives of the Orissa R & R Policy, 2006 are :

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A Policy with a Humane Face
To minimize displacement as far as possible
Recognize the concerns of the affected communities 
Pay special attention to the needs of the vulnerable sections like women, indigenous people, children, physically challenged etc.
To ensure livelihood and environment sustainability through participatory & transparent process
To ensure proper implementation, monitoring, conflict resolution and grievance redressal through appropriate mechanisms
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